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Sie Kasahara

abstract painter / sculptor / textile designer

1973 born in Japan, based in Tokyo

2009 12th Liquitex Biennale

         Encouraging Prize and Judge Prize (Takayuki Terakado Prize)

Her works are represented by art gallery closet and Kurum'art Contemporary in Tokyo, and the works also have been exhibited internationally in LA, Houston, USA, Hamburg, Germany and in Bolzano, Italy. She also has been invited some Artist Residencies in Austria, Romania, and Chile and Art Festival in India.

Some works have been adopted on products such as i-Phone cases, luncheon mats and notebooks, and as an article of magazines, book cover design and it was also used for the poster and brochures of Liquitex acrylic paints.

What she expresses in her art is the "collective unconscious", which is actually a psychological term. She expresses feelings and sensations of the hidden sub consciousness that humans all naturally share, and this is what is called "the collective unconscious".


Even in today's world which is flooded with symbols and icons, but there are still many things which cannot be defined by words or symbols. And she feels as though there are many people who want to express those feelings and thoughts which are inexpressible.


She expresses feelings and sensations which cannot be described with language in her work.

She captures the raw and unprocessed emotions of the sub consciousness before they can become comprehensible. She expresses them in obscure shapes and colors, because they have no names. Her hands create the work without any conscious image. The drawing is automatic; drawing without thinking about anything. Therefore she always tries to empty her mind.

Her art will be able to stimulate the thoughts of viewers and let them recall something unexpectedly.

​She gives you some catharsis, when you see her work. It is intimately extroverted so you can talk with them easily.

Perhaps if it looks not so strong, actually but it is strong as you know. The poetic title is helps that you connect to sub consciousness.

She creates something that is totally incomprehensible but stirs your imagination.

You don’t need to know everything, but you can feel everything.

Solo Exhibition

2021 Hear the ocean / Fuji Gallery Shinjyuku / Tokyo / JP

2019 Ich heiße Sie / Galerie 21 / Hamburg / Germany

2016 Multiverse; here and there –closet- / Art Gallery Closet / Tokyo / JP

2016 Multiverse; here and there –#605- / 605 Art Gallery / Tokyo / JP

2015 Talk with phantom by the moon-aroma window / Gallery Kazuki / Tokyo / JP

2014 Why don’t we go to the deeper place? / Shinjuku Ganka Gallery / Tokyo / JP

2012 Sign and Garden / Gallery Trinity / Tokyo / JP

2011 We resonate each other / Gallery Trinity / Tokyo / JP

2010 Have a sugar confectionery on the waterside of the seriousness / Gallery Trinity / Tokyo / JP

2010 A lake / Gallery Trinity / Tokyo / JP

2009 Fields / Gallery Trinity / Tokyo / JP

2008 White room in January / Motto Gallery / Tokyo / JP


 Group show

2017 Avant}{Garden / Area1 Gallery / LA / USA

2017 Indication / Fei Art Museum Yokohama / Yokohama / JP

2017 Romania + Japan Book Art Exhibition / Gallery Yume’s tsuzuki / Tokyo / JP

2015 International Symposium of Modern Art DFEWA / Parque Cultual Valparaiso / Valparaiso / Chile

2014 International Symposium of Modern Art DFEWA / Karolyi Castle / Carei / Romania

2014 Jaipur Art Festival / Hotel Diggi Palace / Jaipur / India

2013 International Symposium of Modern Art DFEWA / Mallnitz / Austria

2011 The best selections of the art works / Gallery Trinity / Tokyo / JP

2010 Art Fair kunStart10 / Bolzano / ITALY

2009 QUIET POWER works of Tokyo / Laura U Collection / Huston / USA



2009 12th Liquitex Biennale / Encouraging Prize and Judge Prize (Takayuki Terakado Prize) / Spiral / Tokyo / JP



2021 ART collectors / Magazine / Tokyo / JP

2019 Modern living / Magazine / Tokyo / JP

2016 Glow / Magazine / Tokyo / JP

2015 Yokohama Incident and Retrial Judgment / Book-Cover / Tokyo

2013 Art Brut? Outsider Art? POCORART! / Catalogue / Tokyo / JP

2011 B T / Magazine / Tokyo / JP

2010 Rose + x / Magazine / Tokyo / JP

2010 Illustration / Magazine / Tokyo / JP

bio JP
笠原 しい Sie Kasahara

1973年生まれ  東京都在住







art gallery closet

Kurm'art contemporary

​Fuji Gallery Shinjyku




2021年  海に聴く / フジギャラリー新宿 [新宿] 

2019年   Ich heiße Sie / Galerie 21  [Hamburg, Germany]

2018年  うたうように描いて 描くようにつくる / gallery art and wonder[世田谷]

2016年  多元宇宙のこことそこ -closet- / art gallery closet[西麻布]
     多元宇宙のこことそこ -#605- / Kurum'art Contemporary[六本木]
2015年  月香る窓辺にて幻と語らん / 画廊香月 [銀座]
2014年  ねぇ、もっと深いところへ行ってみましょうよ / 新宿眼科画廊 [新宿] 
2012年  しるしと園 / GALLERY TRINITY [六本木]
2011年  共鳴する私達 / GALLERY TRINITY [六本木]
2010年  シリアスの水辺に砂糖菓子をどうぞ / GALLERY TRINITY [六本木]
             みずうみ /GALLERY TRINITY [六本木]
2009年  野辺 /GALLERY TRINITY [六本木]





2018年   二人展 / G WING'S GALLERY  [金沢]

              shelf life / Oote41221  [松本]

              EIBAB JAPAN BOOK ART EXHIBITION / 由芽のつづき  [吉祥寺]
              気配 / FEI ART MUSEUM YOKOMHAMA  [横浜]
2015年   International Symposium of Modern Art DFEWA  [Valparaiso, CHILE]
2014年   International Symposium of Modern Art DFEWA  [Carei, ROMAINA]
              Jaipur ART Festival  [Jaipur, INDIA]
2013年   International Symposium of Modern Art DFEWA  [Mallnitz, AUSTRIA]
2009年   QUIET POWER works of Tokyo / Laura U Collection  [Huston, USA]




2021 アートコレクターズ / Magazine

2019 モダンリビング 別冊 / Magazine

2019 モダンリビング No.244 / Magazine

2016 GLOW / Magazine

2015 横浜事件と再審裁判 / Book-Cover

2013 Art Brut? Outsider Art? POCORART! / Catalogue 

2011 美術手帖 / Magazine

2010 ローズプラスエクス Vol.1 / Magazine

2010 Illustration / Magazine

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